Precision and Recall

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  Recall measures how likely a given system returns the information you are looking for. Precision measures the amount of relevant information returned. In general, increasing Read More


Rule-based System

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  Rule-based system distills the relevant information from individual call records in to structured questions that can be used to systematically detects and resolve any Read More


Types of Help-Desk System

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There are several types of help-desk system. They are Text-based help-desk systems (Text search, keyword search and maintains a natural text data) Rule-based systems( maintains Read More


Text Based Help-desk System

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    Information is obtained from texts or keyword search techniques through past cells  by making directed queries.  In keyword approach past cells are annotated Read More


Help-Desk Components

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  The Knowledge Base The purpose of help desk software should be to do administration briefly and ticket management down to a minimum time spending, Read More