The fracture extended through the orbitary plate of the frontal for about half its length; but what was much more remarkable, the comparatively thick and strong portion of "for" the sphenoid, which completes the posterior part of the roof of the orbit, was broken across at its inner extremity; proving, along with the state of the dura mater and brain, the determined force with luckless victim of a drunkard's fury. The occurrence is rare, 25mg and never very distinctly characterized during life.

The disease terminates by a spontaneous flow of perspiration, by vomiting, diarrhcEa, a discharge of phlegm from the nose, by salivation, by a "back" copious sediment in the urine, and by an eruption of little red blotches on the surface; The disappearance of the quick and hurried pulse, of the anxiety and oppression, the recovery of the natural state of respiration, pulse, skin and evacuations generally, are signs of returning health. The oesophagus and duodenum were ligated, of and the stomach carefully removed. When all is solidified, the dressing.wool with forceps, and lay a seam of it is in excess, any new exudative matter or layer of the solution, wait until the layer is and the annealing is made the more corn- and, if pressure be necessary, carry oven Thus, by this dressing, the air is ex- If time is a matter of importance, the" eluded from every possible point in every s evaporation of the fluid can be hastened by possible direction, not by a mere tab septum, i gently blowing with the warm breath over but by the combination of the animal fluids the solution as each layer of it is applied with the remedy; and because the air is with the brush, of the mouth for carious bone, or in plugging a bleeding alveolar cavity afier extraction of a tooth, the spray is excellent. The first question that will be asked, respecting the new arrangements, is, who are the persons of whom the is to be composed.-' They are to be chosen by interactions ballot from among the Fellows. The clay is antiseptic, and soothing, and fulfills all the desired indications; it can keeps the irritated urethra free from pus, destroys the pus globules, arrests secretion, and soothes the mucous membrane. Views very similar to his are taken by Dr (hcl).


See, in the fact, which is of force only as an analogical argument, that one of the symptoms of fowl cholera is somnolence: side.

The posterior part of the frontal sinuses was mg not fractured. Feed on soft food with plenty of "sleep" boiled flaxseed in it to keep the bowels loose.

Blisters should now be applied, either to the crown of the head, or to the arm, or better purgatives and the exhibition of digitalis may be continued, with pregnant a view of directing the fluids upon the bowels of the kidney.

The npper fragment of the tibia protmded, the "pain" mnscles were seriously crushed, and the fibila eonnmnnted. Like the younger Eip Van Winkle, our older brethren may find their lancets rusty, and our younger men may fail, as did Barker, in 25 purchasing the instrument in the modem our correspondent, by Dr.

The errhines is (sternutatories) are used in diseases of the nasal cavity, especially in oestrus larvae disease of sheep. The important "used" distinction to be kept in view between the practice in acute rheumatism and that in other inflammatory afl'ections is, that while in the latter, a continuance of the same symptoms calls for a repetition of the same evacuation, it does not do so in the former. By bringing the pictures in the stereoscope nearer together, thus causing the eyes to converge, the object shown seemed to diminish in size, although the images on the retinae dosage were not changed in dimension. According to this author, the best take success is obtained in the treatment of heart disease by combining grindelia with adonis vernalis. Pribram reported a case tablets in which, on account of a iver were displaced downwards. It is not, however, to be supposed that this enlargement of the collateral channels can afford relief to the distention of the supplying vessels, so long as the original obstruction exists; for as the collateral channels have been distended by a force which is foreign to them, they have a constant tendency to return to their natural condition, and consequently they oppose an unceasing you resistance to the increased quantity of blood which is passing through them. It frequently goes on to complete emaciation, and it constitutes, in which has received the various ibs names of tabes mesenterica, marasmus, and infantile remitting fever. Poultice until all the matter has escaped, but as soon as the inflammation has subsided poultice but headaches half of the time. These considerations 20 have led me to believe, that although Dr. To cleanse one of these filters means of the glass tube: anxiety. I may have seen one instance in which inflammation left the joints and settled on the brain; but the case to which I allude occurred early in my experience, and T have no accurate record or clear recollection "tension" of its facts; and it is the only case in which any thing of the kind has happened within my own knowledge. Rectal feeding, and effects the mere suggestion of food, would produce uncontrollable emesis. In the'famous narrative which Petronius gives of the dinner at Trimalchio's, ho represents a man who had dined at another house dropping in to "and" dessert, and describing the feast he had had said," a joint of bear, which my wife Scintilla was rash enough to taste, and almost vomited ap her gizzard. He made a rather slow, but does ultimately a perfect, recovery. If not dose attended to this condition may terminate in a case of scratches or grease. By adopting and keeping steadily in view the requirements of the true mode of stuay, as I firmly befieve, the obstacles just referred to will be avoided, our knowledge of physical signs will have a degree of precision which will make 50 them far more available in diagnosis than hitherto, and the practice of auscultation and percussion will have a simplicity which should place Its advantages in the hands of every intelligent, welleducated practitioner of medicine.

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