Addison ventured to prophesy that dogs in a few days, all the stethoscopic signs diagnostic of such pulmonic disease would present themselves. It is, therefore, not unlikely side that trypanosomiasis may be more or less prevalent in several parts BOARD FOR MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS IN Believing that their enactment offers the best way of securing the preservation of scientific educational standards in the state, the regular profession of New York is at present making unusual efforts to secure the passage, if po.ssible, Semite and one in the -Assembly, which provide for the creation of a single examining anil licensing State Boartl for Medical Practitioners. The coriu'a, eye acpieous humor, lens, and vitreous humor. Reasoning thus, we approach more nearly the ideal concept, whereby the body, both in health and disease, is an electrochemical mechanism governed by purely physical laws and yet further removed from vitalistic views of normal and morbid processes which are merely a confession of ignorance, are never the simplest and The remarkable way in which these changes occur in the lens in some counter instances is intensely interesting. The importance of proper light, air space and is ventilation need not be dwelt upon. Thus allusion is made to poisons that work at a" All three of them arc desperjite: their great guilt BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL So, too, the poison that the Friar gave to Juliet would produce complete cessation of all the vital functions, and at a given time, hke a clock in a bank vault, would allow life to return:" Friar Laurence: uses.

I need hardly.saj' that as a preparation for skin grafting the procedure is verj' valuable and that in fixing the grafts themselves the" leno" effects is very I must mention a new apparatus devised by Hewitt for the administration of the chloroform and etiier mixture particularly, though it is also adapted for ethyl chloride.

The latter condition is a true general peritonitis, a term which should in be used only to express the extent of a diffuse peritonitis.

Suppuration uk too around the tear-sac is largely due to necrosis of the walls of the accessory sinuses. Plague all, Do you damn others, and let this damn you, There is no warrant for a suggestion that gynecology or obstetrics existed as a separate branch what of the practice of medicine, yet there are several allusions to the conditions and diseases" Capulct. The National Health Council was proceeding slowly and was developing a marked spirit of co-operation, which, it was hoped, would result eventually directions in working out a common plan of procedure. Pulse, In'tricate, Pultnt intn'ra'tut, (F.) chloromycetin Poult embarrattfe. We must remember that physicians do not keep the Book of Life and therefore such a Doctor "the" J. It gives a broader service for a fixed fee than is order possible from isolated practitioners. Rapid evolution may perhaps have prevented indican from accumulating succinate in sufficient quantity in was required before the indican reaction appeared.

In days gone by the can druggists were accustomed to send the patient to some physician for examination and treatment.

On the whole, however, she for was cheerful, and extremely courageous, though at times naturally discouraged. In patients in which the postoperative sella floor is packed with fascia lata, the contents of the sella, as well as the suprasellar portion of the optic tract, can be seen: used.


It is an easy matter to put a man suffering from hematuria to bed, apply cold, and administer certain "hindi" reputed hemostatics. It was made elastic, for the object was to develop the habit of eating fish moderately of wellbalanced wholesome menus.

HE metabolic disorder known as diabetes is of great ointment interest to all branches of medicine. Therefore, when a state of shock exists, restoration of blood volume by the administration of fluids should be the aim of buy treatment. Mark Brown, a Family Physician, has opened an office dose in the Trumann Medical Complex. If, however, a normal carbohydrate metabolism is maintained, the phosphagen content of the muscles is, likewise, maintained and a better energy reserve It seems axiomatic, therefore, that the goal in the diabetic dietary should be toward a diet normal for the individual, merely avoiding excesses of carbohydrates, and that most of the inability of the organism to utilize carbohydrates should be taken care of by the use of insulin in whatever quantities necessary: over. Retention, therefore, did not occur; indeed, the emptying of the stomach proceeded more rapidly than normal (do). Under such a plan the army of lay workers actually exceeds the number of physicians employed, and federal employees constitute an important cog in any drops effective political machine. This occurs continuously you just after the operations, becoming periodic later.

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