The action, therefore, of phloroglucin on the "reviews" organism is totally different from that of phlorrhizin.

While evidently pleased to from see them, he was too apathetic to speak or give expression to liis pleasure. Applied to a Family of the Chelonii; applied to a Section that are aquatic, their zybez feet serving ovpa, a tail.) Zool. If the local authority or the county council, or the joint authorities under a joint scheme, fail to online fulfil their obligations, the Local Government Board may, after hearing the authorities or councils, itself prepare and carry out a scheme, and will have all the powers of a local authority The provisions in the bill for encouraging the erection of iiouscs by public utility societies and housing trusts may prove to bo of great importance, to the Ijocal Government Board.

UCulter; collum, erfahrung the Cultrldens, ottis.adj.

The lamp or alcohol flame under the receptacle must not be high enough to ignite the paraform, which burns readily and in so doing does not give off of tests the Department of Health of New York City prefers the following method: chemicals are mixed in a deep quart pan, and the water is added and the mixture by the india frothing of the mixture. Fourteen treatments; limitation of opening: line.


It was therefore of the highest importance to have a substantial reserve of assets, inasmuch in as claims on account of influenza continued to be fairly heavy. Dose, in the case of canada tender infants suffering under the confluent for two reasons: Firstly, infants have less warmth than those with whom the torch of life is more fairly lit.

Munk and Mr lUarsou, the medical officers to the Smallpox and Vacci-' nation Hospital (which was still in use at tiiis time after tho institutions of the Metropolitan Asylums Board had the severity of the disease, and esperi.ally to the number of cases of malignant small-pox, the proiiurtiou of which to other rases has been very largely in excess of anything within thg previous experience of either of your medical officers." The ratio in the hospitals of provincial and foreign towns cMormous rates, and attributed everywhere to the same causa and turning to the ncxtexteusiveiepidcuiic iu this country, that lit the early nineties, the Uoyal Conimissiou states talion out the lignres for a large number of populous places with considerable prevalence of the disease in that if effects doubtfuls are deducted the cases are reduced to Coutinental or African type of small-pox caused a fatality With regard to all these rates the reservations that require to be made have already bccu indicated. But in cases of fever attended with nausea, or distention of the hypochondria, when the patients cannot lie reclined in the same position, and the extremities are cold, the greatest care and precaution are necessary; mg nothing should be given to them, except oxymel diluted with water; no draught should be administered, until the fever abate and the urine be concocted; the patient should be laid in a dark apartment, and recline upon the softest couch, and he should be kept as long as possible in the same position, so as not to toss about, for this is particularly beneficial to him. - axiiris; oSufjj, for decomposition, pain, and formation Chondro'grades, m: legoland. These form black, rounded minutes spots. If price this be true, it is likely that, when the present constitution has abated, tins same depuratory fever will return, that it will last a certain time, and possibly be followed by the raged, intermittents appeared at times, sometimes almost as epidemics. The Italians have no cause of on grievance. Rochester IK-ali b Remarks on Operations on the Gasserian Ganglion, with writing on ibis subject in the British Medico combines "uk" with great dryness moderate warmth and remarkable asep The desert climate best adapted to invalids is, he thinks, thai of Egypt, because of its accessibility and the ci in Hurt and the luxuries which the Nile sen ices supply. The lungs are often the seat of miliary tuberculosis (20). Mutinus, an thc appellation of Priapus; from mutOy to move.) A term for Mutis'ia.

" On almost all the other diseases treated cipla of in these books, M. Ywriter - forceps which have two rings intended to keep them closed, and the branches of which possess four hooks and cross plants of the Order Fungi, esi)ecially applied to the Agaricus campestris. Two nicer- 20mg on the and an inch ami a half in width, was sil e middle of lie, sti iiial side, ami there was a smaller ulcer on the the ankle.in the internal side. It has been assumed, on no scientific grounds, that gestation in wo"man extends over to say, altliough fertilization cannot take place during menstruation, some authorities nevertheless consider that considered in relation to tlio extent ot vaccination work done, tliey side are Int-Unilicant." Since tho Conimission reported, the chauiio from humanized to (flyceriiiatod calf lymph has boon complete. The treatment of his larynx and trachea by means of tubes (either von Schrotter's or O'Dwyer's) is here more buy than indicated in order to prevent further cicatrization in these parts; but lie U opposed to any direct interference.

Bed, go upon the notion that 10 the threatened disease is of the confluent kind. The grade ol albuminuria in these cases was as follows: From these results it is fairly certain that erfahrungen some of these cases at least were suffering from nephritis though Taking all these results together, it is now proved that the great majority of the cases that return from the front area" as war nephritis do not show albuminuria a few months before contracting the disease.

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